20 Asphalt Tank Trucks  
5 locations for Trucks with 6 Outlet for delivery
Truck Delivery +200Kton in Year 2015

300 Meters Rail Ways,No. 4 Special Lines  ,Fulfill 30 Rails Tank Delivery  One time
Owned 30 Railway Asphalt Tank with Own Patents (ZL2012 2 565651.1)
Railways directly extend Terminal Asphalts to
Western/ Middle China Long distance delivery
Good relationship with local  railway bureau
Extensive hands on experience for rail delivery

3.After Merge & Acquciations Control Jiangsu Suzhong Oil Shipping Company
With 8 Ships 13000 Ton Capacity across Yangze River
In Y2015,  Asphalt Transportation Volume +390Ktons "Zero Incident" .
In Y2016  One more 3000Ton and 2500Ton Asphalt Delivery
We are  Approaching “ Zero Loss” for the whole logistics and transfer
By the whole supply chain operation.

4.Jiang Su Province 
Two Set Of J3000 Type and One Set of M3000Type Asphalt/Stone Blending Stations
Advanced asphalt paving facilities with inspection kits
Environmental Protection 4000 Type Asphalt/Stone Blending Station with LNG as heating source in Shangdang Area

5.Jiang Xi Jingde Town
Sept 2014, Jiang Xi  Jingde Town Xin Yue Co.ltd was set up.  Covered 33300 m2, with asphalt storage, transfer, asphalt processing &research, Asphalt/Stone blending station, road Paving facilities engineering
First full asphalt industry chain and complex in Jiangxi Province.  

6.Jiang Xi Feng City
Founded in Mar 2015, Jiang Xi  Feng Town Xin Yue Co.ltd  Covered 67000 m2, with asphalt 50Kon storage( Under Construction) , transfer, asphalt processing &research, Asphalt/Stone blending station, road Paving facilities engineering.
Near Gan River and Capital City Nanchang.  
 No.18 river east road,Dagang,Zhenjiang new district,Jiangsu,China  TEL:400-0511-298 FAX:0511-88893365
Jiangsu XinYue asphalt company